Diamonds With Grading Report

 We offer both the Natural and Lab-grown Diamonds with Grading Report 



Every diamond with grading report includes: 

▶︎ ID Number Security
Laser-inscribed number offers the ultimate safeguard.

▶︎ Lifetime Trade Up
Offer full value credit to you when they trade up a mined diamond for another mined diamond.

▶︎ Buy with Confidence
All diamonds are hand selected and individually graded.




Our options:


Great Selection at Every Price Point
Our enormous inventory of diamonds represents every size, shape, and budget range you will ever need. These are perfect for everything from engagement ring centers to matched pairs and fancy color statement pieces.



100% Traceable Origin
Sourced from Canada's Northwest Territories, these natural, untreated diamonds are fully documented from mine to market. Care is also given to ensure the integrity of the land, water, and wildlife in the area.



Accurate grading

Every diamond comes with a grading report from an independent laboratory or our team of GIA® and AGS®-trained experts that grade to GIA standards.


Conflict free

three x seven Jewelry does not tolerate any human suffering in the sourcing of diamonds. We fully support the Kimberley Process and provide a warranty stating a diamond is conflict-free.


We also offer 

GIA Diamond Origin Report

The GIA Diamond Origin Report is a full assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs of Diamond Quality (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) – just like the GIA Diamond Grading Report – however, the GIA Diamond Origin Report includes the added identification of the country where the diamond was mined and a laser inscription of the report number on its girdle.


 Discover Where Your Diamond Comes From