Pearl Restringing Service



Pearl Restringing Service


Our highly skilled artisans provide expert pearl restringing services.

・Mail-In and Studio Options

You can choose to mail in your pearls or bring them directly to our studio at 1737 Post St. Ste 303 San Francisco, CA 94115. Each pearl is hand-knotted on silk thread for added security and durability.

・Repair Services

We restore old or damaged pearl necklaces and bracelets, making them as good as new.


We can customize your pearls with a new clasp in gold or sterling silver, and adjust the length of necklaces and bracelets.

・Free Quote

For a free quote, please email the following information to Including a photo of your piece with a ruler in the photo is helpful.

  • Description and length of the strand(s) in inches or cm
  • Whether the item is knotted between beads
  • Need a new clasp? If not, please ensure the current clasp works fine
  • Size of pearls/beads in mm
  • Your value estimate of the piece for postal insurance

・Mail-In Instructions

Please contact us via email to arrange the mailing of your pearls. We will provide detailed shipping instructions and a secure online payment link.

・Clasp Attachment

We reinforce the point where the clasp attaches to the strand using French wire to prevent metal from rubbing against the stringing material, ensuring a durable connection.

・Guarantee and Terms

There are no refunds on pearl or bead restringing services. However, if you are not satisfied, you may return the item for one-time re-stringing within two weeks of receipt. Contact us via email for return authorization. We respect your privacy and do not share customer information.